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6-Button Room Controller with Analog Volume Control & LCD Group Labels

The RC-63AL is a 6-button room controller with an analog volume knob for multimedia rooms.

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Kramer Electronics

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The RC-63AL is a 6-button room controller with an analog volume knob for multimedia rooms.

6 Programmable Buttons - Color, back-lit & label capable

Programmable Back-Lit LCD Group Labels - For printed group labels, order the RC-62A

Analog 10k ohm Volume Control Knob

Macro Capability - Carries out multiple commands with a single press of a button

Command Banks - Each button offers multiple layers of functions for alternate behavior, toggle functionality, and more

Internal Clock - Schedules recurring tasks, defines the system shutdown timer for economic operation, and more

1 USB - For programming

1 Bi-directional RS-232 - Controls AV equipment such as projectors,

LCD and PDP displays, power amplifiers, switchers and scalers

1 IR Output - Additional control port for AV equipment

IR Learning Function - Learns commands from IR remotes

2 Relay Contact Closure Ports - Conveniently controls other room items related to the AV system such as raising and lowering drapes, the screen or the projector

2 K-Net Connectors - Connects to other control panels or a central control processor

K-Net Control Channel - Provides power and control data to the wall plate controllers over a single cable

Wall Plate - 2 gang. Available in white

SummitView Compatible

6 Programmable Color, Back Lit Buttons

Programmable Back Lit Group Labels

Analog Volume Control Knob - 10K

Macro Capability

Internal Clock

1 RS-232 - Control AV equipment

IR Learning Function

2 Relay Contact Closure Ports


1 RS-232 on terminal block connectors; 2 K-NET on terminal block connectors; 1 USB port.


2 relays on terminal block connectors (36V AC or DC, 2A, 60V AC maximum on non-inductive load); 1 IR emitter on terminal block connectors.

Power Source

12V DC, 100mA.


500mA, FSMD 2920.


SummitView kits: 12V, 5A; independent: 12V, 500mA.


11.4cm x 2.6cm x 11.4cm (4.49" x 1.02" x 4.49") W, D, H.


0.14kg (0.31lbs) approx.


USB cable 0.91m (3ft), screwdriver, Windows-based Kramer control software.


12V DC, 0.5A power supply; Kramer 3.5mm to IR Emitter Control


(C-A35/IRE-10); 15m and 20m IR emitter extension cables.