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Non-Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount

Non-Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount

Brand : Chief

Part No : LCDA230C

Condition : New

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Non-Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount

Designed for JVC LX-D300, Nview L-605, Nview L-800, Nview L-801, Panasonic PT-L 292, Panasonic PT-L 390U, Philips PS-4500, Philips PS-4600, Philips PS-4650, Philips PS-5000, Prolux 400, Prolux 800ST, Prolux Wallzapper, Proxima DP2710, Proxima DP2810, Proxima DP2910, Sayett MS 840, Sayett MS 1024, Seleco SLC-500, Seleco SLC-700, Seleco SLC-900X, Toshiba TLP-311, Vidikron Crystal I, Viewsonic PJ 800, Viewsonic PJ 820

Roll, pitch and yaw adjustments

Universal upright mount solution

Convenient lamp and filter access

Three mounting methods: flush mount, 1/4-inch threaded rod, or NPT 1.5-inch threaded pipe

Precise image registration


90 degrees above and below horizontal


5 degrees left and right of vertical


360 degrees

Maximum Height

7.7 - 13.40 in

Maximum Width

12.7 - 23.25 in

Tray Depth

17.75 in