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XHD™ Triple Shielded UXGA Cable 12ft

• eXtreme High Definition Performance supports high-resolution imaging up to QXGA 2048x1536
• HD15 Male to Male
• 24k Gold plated machined HD15 connectors each end
• Engineered for Plasma, LCD, DLP,DVR's,Digital Satellite and Cable
• Triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI
• Nitrogen Gas Dielectric for low attentuation and superior signal transfer
• Oxygen free copper center conductor
• 24k gold contact precision machined RF connectors for maximum conductivity
• X-Traflex jacket
• UL and RoHS Compliant
• Lifetime Warranty

BRAND : Comprehensive

Part No : X3V-UXGA12


Your Price: $39.99


Comprehensive XHD eXtreme High Definition cables are designed specifically for HDTV and the latest source and display technologies including Plasma, LCD, and DLP displays, digital satellite and cable receivers, DVR's, streaming video, and more. XHD cables provide far superior video definition and the highest resolution video performance for HDTV and todays high resolution signals including composite video, S-Video, component video, VGA, DVI, and HDMI.

X3V UXGA cables provide true XHD eXtreme High Definition performance. Comprehensive's X3V UXGA cables utilize an oxygen free copper center conductor construction to ensure extremely low attenuation and maximum signal transfer-even over long distances. Heavy duty HD15 connectors with 24k gold precision machined contacts provide maximum conductivity and reduces distortion caused by inferior connectors. Multiple individual high resolution shielded coax cables transmit video signals so bright and vibrant, images truly come to life on today's high definition plasma and LCD monitors. Unlike competitors cables, Comprehensive X3V UXGA cables are triple shielded to provide maximum rejection of all interference including EM and RF for truly . Our exclusive X-traflex jacket provides for unsurpassed flexibility and durability and easy installations. Lifetime Warranty.

When it has to work, it has to be Comprehensive!



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