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I want to thank both you and Jeff Phillips for your excellent work in getting me the projector.  It was delivered at 9:30am this morning and now I can breathe a sign of relief in knowing the presentation to a group of realtors will go off as planned.  Based on my experience with the Projector Superstore all of the future people who need a projector will be referred to your company. 
Thanks for a job WELL DONE!!

Knoxville, TN

Hello Chris,

We got the screens just as promised. Our electrician showed up right on schedule, and by 4 PM on Tuesday everything was hanging in place, fully functional for the next day's meeting. The projector is AWESOME, a great buy, we can use it and get a nice, clear, bright projection while leaving all the room lights on.

Thank you again!

Ted Pella, Inc.

I received my order and set up the system with no issues - I'm very happy with the selection - thanks for all your help and prompt service !!!

Thanks - Bruce

Clarkston, MI

True to your word the projector arrived on Friday and we thank you again. You and your team went above and beyond and will not be forgotten. It's things like this that separate the average from the extraordinary . . .


Chris, The projector and the lens both arrived Wednesday morning before 10:30am. We got them hooked up and operational that day in time for our next to last tech rehearsal. They both work PERFECTLY!!! I cannot express to you and your company how much I appreciate everything you have done for me and the theatre. If you find yourself in Sacramento any weekend between now and Oct. 4th, I’d love to treat you to dinner and a show at our facility so you can see how incredibly the projector and lens works for our show.

Many thanks!

Brent Null
Magic Circle Theatre

I purchased a refurbished NEC projector from Projector Superstore in June 2008 and am very happy with my decision to go through them. My order was handled professionally and personally by their General Manager and all follow-up on order status and delivery was handled without delay. I had to return my first projector due to a problem outside of PSS's control, however, they took full responsibility and expedited a replacement to me. I absolutely love my projector and would not hesitate to purchase through them again.

Thank you Jeff and Projector Superstore!

John Smith Jr
San Diego, CA

Jeff, thank you for all your assistance in deciding on my projector and screen needs. You were a great help from the final decision on which projector to go with and the best screen to put with that projector given the details of my theatre room right through to the final delivery. Since I am from Canada there were some additional twists to the process that you handled very professionally an in the end you have a very satisfied customer. This is one of the first purchases I have made via an internet connection and I am happy to say it was a very positive experience - I received the goods I was looking for at a considerable savings and the process was made easy with your help.

Keep up the good work and I will recommend you to anyone that asks about my system.


I want to thank you for saving me from a great deal of inconvenience by following up on what struck you as a suspicious online order. By taking the time to call and confirm the order with me, which I did not place, I was able to cancel my Master Card before I incurred a host of charges by whomever it was who managed to obtain my card number. I am so very grateful.

If every one was as alert as you, we could probably go a long way in reducing this type of theft. If I ever need to order a projector I will keep you in mind.

Linda Fields
Rochester Hills, MI

Tavia, I got the projector and wanted to say thanks to your company for having a projector on the market that a teacher could afford. My students are really happy "we are able to watch presentations instead of just listening to Mr. Kelly babble on and on." I was not expecting a case...thanks for making my kids happy and my job a little easier ....Blane

8th Grade Science Teacher

It was great talking to you and learning about LCD and DLP technologies. Most of the time, conversations with sales people in technology fields are jive and one-sided. Certainly not with you. You were knowledgeable, straight-forward and grass roots.

I’ll recommend you and will not hesitate to do business with you again. And thanks for the changing the order at the last moment.

Salisbury, NC

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