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What is the government site?

It is here to inform you about special discounts on products and special programs that the leading manufacturers are offering. These programs are directly from the manufacturers. We're an authorized dealer so we're able to pass on these special savings and support to our government customers.

Some of the manufacturers include:

  • Mitsubishi - GES Discounts
  • NEC - PSP Government Program Pricing
  • Optoma - Government Discounts - Government Discounts

Who is eligible for these programs?

All government agencies are eligible for the programs being offered by these manufacturers. Some require that you go to their website to fill out a form before we are able to extend the specials to you.

How do I get started?

Right now this website is being expanded so we don't have everything up online. You can either contact us directly and we can explain the government programs or you can contact the manufacturers and let them know you're working with us.

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