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1 .lbs

HD Flow™ Pro Wireless Multimedia IR Extender

For use with HD Flow™ Pro Wireless Multimedia HDS100 and HDS200 Receiver Models.

Brand : Peerless

Part No : HDS-IRE

Condition : New

Your Price: $299.00


Extend a remote's reach with the IR Extender accessory for HD Flow™ and HD Flow™ Pro Models. This is the perfect tool for applications where the receiver is out of sight such as mounted behind an HDTV or installed above a ceiling mounted projector. Simply plug in the IR Extender to the receiver, locate the IR Eye in line-of-sight and control the components – no power outlet required.

  • Hide HD Flow Receiver in a TV stand or mount it behind the TV while maintaining IR functionality for remote components
  • Delivers a clean, clutter-free installation
  • Discreet appearance ideal for blending into any environment
  • Compatible with all models of HDS100/200 products
  • Cord Length: 3ft (0.91m) lead
  • Connection Type: 3.5mm plug
  • Range: up to 22ft (6.71m) range from remote control to IR Extender



Part No:



1 .lbs

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