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Kramer SID-VGA Computer Graphics over Twisted Pair Transmitter & Step-In Module

The SID?VGA is a DGKat twisted pair transmitter and step?in commander for computer graphics video and unbalanced stereo audio signals.

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Kramer Electronics

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Key Features:

Max Resolution.

HDTV Compatible.

Inputs - Computer graphics video on a 15-pin HD connector and unbalanced stereo audio on a 3.5mm mini jack.

Output - DGKat twisted pair on an RJ-45 connector.

Control - Step-in button and contact closure.

DGKat Signal Integration - Kramer's unique technology for converting TMDS as well as control and communication to signals that run over twisted pair cables. We strongly recommend using Kramer DGKat cables designed specifically for optimum performance.

Cable - Requires STP (shielded twisted pair) cable. For optimum range and performance, use Kramer's BC-DGKat623 or BC-DGKat7a23 cables. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, graphics card and display used.

Compatible Switcher - VP-81SID.

Power Supply - Requires independent power supply.

Compact DigiTOOLS - 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter.


2.76 in


0.94 in


4.7 in

Product Weight

0.66 lbs

Product Weight

0.3 kg


UXGA on a 15-pin HD connector and 3.5mm mini jack


CAT 5 on an RJ-45 connector


12V DC, 200mA


Power supply