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Atlona AT-VGA 14A 1x4 VGA Distribution Amplifier with Audio

1x4 VGA distribution amplifier is a solution for distributing VGA signal to 4 separate displays. This VGA distribution amplifier has feature no other does, backup power systems.

Brand : Atlona

Part No : AT-VGA14A

Condition : New

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Key Features:

Self-powered, power supply is only required for 2k resolutions to be displayed through all 4 outputs

Optional USB power

Plug and play

Connects up to 4 VGA displays with stereo audio

Supports VGA 2k resolutions up to 2048x1536 at 60/70/85Hz

Easy installation

Brackets included for mounting

Perfect for commercial or government applications

Package includes 1 x AT-VGA14A, 1 x 5Vdc locking power supply, 1 x user manual, 2 x mounting brackets and 6 x mounting screws




4 x VGA and 3.5mm stereo audio

Power Supply

5Vdc/4A (optional)

Video Bandwidth

730 MHz

Shipping Weight

1.3608 kg

Shipping Weight

3 lbs


8.7 x 3.4 x 1.7 in

DC Voltage

5 Volts

Product Weight

0.9525 kg

Product Weight

2.1 lbs


1 x VGA and 3.5mm stereo audio

Warranty (Length/Type)

3 Years Limited

Number of Inputs


Number of Outputs


Operating Temperature (Maximum)

118.4000 F

Operating Temperature (Maximum)

48 C

Operating Temperature (Minimum)

0 C

Operating Temperature (Minimum)

32.0000 F