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3 .lbs


3 yr.

Premier CPA-50 50W Compact Power Amplifier

50 W Compact Power Amplifier

Brand : Premier Mounts

Part No : CPA-50

Condition : New

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The CPA-50 is a multiple stereo input, 50 watt compact audio amplifier for four or eight ohm speakers. The CPA-50 has three stereo line level inputs, two RCA connectors, one 3.5 mm mini jack and a separate microphone input with independent gain control. The audio inputs are mixed at a 1:1:1 ratio. The amplifier also has an input for Premier Mounts external volume control, WP-50, or any third party controller. The CPA-50 switches to energy-efficient operation after 20 minutes without input signal.

Output 50 Watt (25 Watts per channel)

3 stereo line level inputs with gain control

1 microphone input with independent gain control

External volume control

Signal mix ratio 1:1:1

Rack mountable

Energy efficiency, power consumption drops to 0.8 Watts after 20 minutes


Premier Mounts

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3 .lbs

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3 .lbs


3 yr.



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