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Anchor Audio MEGA-8000U2 - Megavox PA Speaker with 2 Built-In Wireless Receivers

The Anchor-Audio MEGA-8000U2 Megavox Pro is a high-output, portable powered P.A. speaker weighing only 15 lbs, equipped with 2 built-in 16-channel diversity UHF wireless receivers and 22 Watts of amplification, pushing a high-efficiency horn driver. This model comes with two wireless receivers, a coil cord microphone that plugs into the back, and a removable clip-on shoulder strap.

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Key Features


15 .lbs


6 Years


Anchor Audio, Inc.

Part No:




The MegaVox Pro with Two Wireless Receivers is a portable PA system and is the easiest, most reliable public address system on the market. This PA speaker has a powerful, high-efficiency re-entrant horn driver, and is designed to project your voice loud and clear. This model comes with two wireless receivers, a coil cord microphone that plugs into the back, and a removable clip-on shoulder strap.

The MegaVox can reach a distance of 100 yards. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a full charge, making it completely portable, and comes with a power brick charger. The back panel has a signal alert button to grab everyone's attention, and an external output to power an optional companion speaker.

This PA is lightweight -- only 15 lbs, and comes in a durable, UV treated, fade-resistant case. It can go anywhere and has even been used during hurricanes, in combat, and countries all over the world. It's best used outdoors and is great for schools, playgrounds, sports and cheer, coaches, marching bands, auctioneers, police/fire/military, crowd control, natural disasters and emergency responders. Band directors can also hook up their metronome (like a Dr. Beat) to the MegaVox during band practice, and hear it across the entire football field.


Includes receiver only

True AC/DC, 110/220V power supply

20 Watts peak power

Reaches a distance of 100 yards


High-efficiency re-entrant horn driver

Powerful horn amplifier

Up to two built-in 16-channel UHF wireless receivers

Built-in rechargeable battery runs up to 10 hours on a charge

Microphone with coil cord

Signal alert button

External speaker output

External output powers optional MegaVox Pro companion speaker

Durable injection-molded case is tough, fade resistant & UV treated

Speaker stand receptacle molded into case bottom


Anchor Audio, Inc.

Part No:



15 .lbs

Ship Weight:

16 .lbs


6 Years


14 in


355.5998 mm


13 in


330.1998 mm


228.5999 mm


9 in

Shipping Weight

20 lbs

Shipping Weight

9.0719 kg

Line Output

Lo-Z, 1/4"-phone

Regulatory Compliance


Line input

Hi-Z, unbalanced, 1/4"-phone

DC Voltage

18 Volts


119 dB (at 1 meter)

Peak Power

20 Watt

Product Weight

15 lbs

Product Weight

6.8039 kg


6 Years

ROHS Compliant


Minimum Frequency Response (Bandwidth)

0.4000 kHz

Minimum Frequency Response (Bandwidth)

400 Hz

Maximum Frequency Response (Bandwidth)

10 kHz

Maximum Frequency Response (Bandwidth)

10000.0000 Hz

Number of Listeners


AC Voltage (Minimum)

100 Volts

AC Voltage (Maximum)

240 Volts