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Anchor Audio Councilman CM-6 Conference Microphone Package

The Anchor-Audio Councilman CM-6 Conference Microphone Package is a self-contained, multi-microphone conference system, with 1 chairman microphone and 5 delegate microphones that are daisy-chained using the included XLR cable. The AN-100CM amplifier speaker can easily address up to 100 people. The entire system is easily stored and transported in its durable foam-lined case.

Brand : Anchor Audio, Inc.

Part No : CM-6

Condition : New

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This Anchor Audio CouncilMAN Conference System Package (CM-6) is for 6 users and is the easiest, portable conference system there is. It includes five Delegate Mics, and one Chairman Mic that can mute all of the Delegates if needed. It also includes one AN-100CM+ speaker amplifier that powers up to ten conference mics, five 4 ft. XLR cables, and one 25 ft. XLR cable. It all comes in a sturdy cardboard carrying case. This system is very flexible and simple to use. It can travel from the council chambers to a community center with easy set-up. It's ideal for smaller rooms of 150 people or less. For larger spaces, just add a Liberty Platinum speaker to reach up to 1,500 people. No other system provides such excellent sound and speech quality.


AN-100CM speaker powers the microphones and reaches crowds up to 100 people

Conference microphones daisy chain with XLR cables

Cardiod electret microphones for excellent pick-up

Each microphone has volume control

Chairman microphone has Mute button

Protected from mobile telephone interference

Connect directly into house audio system, assisted listening system or a Liberty Platinum sound system


Anchor Audio, Inc.

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10 .lbs

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10 .lbs


6 Years