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12ft SonicWave(R) S-Video + RCA Stereo Audio Cable

Carefully engineered for high performance video sources such as DVD player, digital satellite, game systems and extended performance video recorders

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Original MSRP $59.99 - You save 17%The SonicWave s-video with audio cable is meticulously crafted to ensure full, accurate and interference-free delivery of critical audio and video signals. Silver-plated oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors (dual coaxial for s-video and twisted pair for audio) and a nitrogen-foamed PE dielectric are purposely designed to deliver delicate video signals with perfect fidelity regardless of the cable length!Our Cu Shielding Technologyandtrade; provides three layers of shielding: two 80%+ OFC copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar(R) foil. This extensive shielding ensures immunity to environmental EMI/RFI noise, and guarantees the full resolution of the video signal is delivered to the downstream component.Precise construction techniques maintain characteristic 75 Ohm impedance in both the chrominance and luminance conductor for maximum stability and fidelity. Silver solder is used to eliminate the negative effects of dissimilar metals, and create increased electrical integrity with maximum signal transfer.SplitLokandtrade; corrosion-resistant, 24K gold-plated connectors feature the use of precision-machined surfaces and a split centerpin for a solid, dependable electrical contact. With SonicWave, you will see and hear all the detail your system can deliver.Connector 1: One S-Video Male and Two RCA MaleConnector 2: One S-Video Male and Two RCA Male