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Kramer VP-123V 1:3 RGBHV Computer Graphics Video Distribution Amplifier

The VP-123V is a high-performance amplifier for computer graphics video signals with-resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher.

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Key Features


2 .lbs


Kramer Electronics

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Key Features:

The Kramer VP-123 and VP-123V are high performance 1:3 distribution amplifiers for graphics and component video signals. Both machines use 5 BNC connectors for each output. The VP-123 uses 5 BNC connectors for the inputs, while the VP-123V uses a inchVGAinch - HD15F connector for the input. The VP-123/V have three high bandwidth analog channels - Red, Green and Blue that may be used, if needed, for other video formats - such as Composite, Y/C, Component etc. The two other channels are H Sync and V Sync channels which are digital / logic channels, and include special circuitry for sync reconstruction and shaping. In addition to a typical RGBHV application, the three analog channels can operate independently, allowing the machine to be used as three separate 1:3 DA's for composite video or other formats. Bandwidth of over 450MHz ensures that the VP-123/V remains transparent even in critical broadcast or high resolution applications. The machines are housed in a rugged, professional, rack mountable enclosure requiring only one vertical space in a standard 19inch rack, and are fed from a 12VDC source, making them ideal for fieldwork as well.

High Bandwidth - 450MHz (- 3dB)

HDTV Compatible

Inputs - VP-123V (HD-15)

Level (Gain) and EQ (Peaking) Controls

Standard 19 inch Rack Mount Size - 1U

Computer and workstation RGBHV distribution

Video duplication studios, delivering undiminished quality video duplicates

Broadcast component video signal distribution


Kramer Electronics

Part No:



2 .lbs

Ship Weight:

2 .lbs


1 x 3 - component /RGB/ composite video, 1Vpp/75 ohms on BNC connectors (VP-123) or on an HD15F connector (VP-123V) H Sync and V Sync, TTL level


3 x 3 - component /RGB/ composite video, 1 Vpp/75 ohms on BNC connectors 3 x H Sync, V Sync TTL level on BNC connectors

Maximum Output Level

2.1 Vpp /75 ohms (R, G, B)

Bandwidth (-3dB)

450 MHz

Differential Gain

0.13 %

Differential Phase

0.02 degree


0.05 %

S/N Ratio

82.3 dB


55.9 dB, all hostile


Level: - 0.8 to + 6.3 dB; EQ.: 0 to + 13.6 dB @ 50MHz



Power Source

12 VDC, 100 mA


12 VDC power supply


19 in


1U rack mountable


7 in

Maximum load protection

5.2 lbs (2.36 kg Approximately)