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1x8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Sender

• Easily distribute one source to eight simultaneous displays
• Extends video signals up to 330 feet over CAT-5e
• Supports component video distribution
• Maintains 1920 x 1200 resolution video
• Allows eight monitors to be connected to the same video source at the same time

BRAND : Gefen

Part No : EXT-VGA-CAT5-148S


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The Gefen EXT-VGA-CAT5-148S has one VGA Input, Eight VGA Outputs The 1:8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to send one source to multiple displays in remote locations at the same time. The 1:8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier has eight RJ-45 output connectors and one VGA input. The 1:8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier's RJ-45 connectors are connected to up to eight VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier receivers using industry standard CAT5 cables. The receivers can be placed up to 330 feet away from the transmitter. Simply connect your VGA video source to the 1:8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier's input using the supplied VGA cable. Then connect up to eight VGA displays to the VGA CAT5 receivers. Then power the 1:8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier and the receivers will get power from the CAT5. Note: VGA output 1 is the primary connection and is used for the main display. VGA output 2 through 8 follow the main display. The VGA displays attached to the 1:8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier must have the same native resolution in order to get a picture. The 1x8 VGA CAT5 Distribution Amplifier will also extend a component signal or composite video w/ L+R analog audio. For this to work, you will need VGA to Component Cables and a VGA Female to Female Adapter.



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