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3 .lbs

HDMI Super Booster with equalizer

• Fully HDCP and HDMI compliant
• Compact, portable device
• Wall-powered for extra amplification power
• Based on proven Gefen Super Booster technology

Brand : Gefen

Part No : EXT-HDMI-141SBP

Condition : New

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The extendit HDMI Super Booster with equalizer corrects any digital video signal degradation that occurs when a long HDMI cable is used to extend a HDTV more than 15 feet from the source. If you are using a 50 foot HDMI cable to connect your audio/video source to your extended HDTV, you may see sparkles when it's connected. When combined with a HDMI Super Booster, that same cable will transmit perfect digital video along with multichannel digital audio in the same cable. It is superior than other solutions because it requires no power supply to operate. The HDMI Super Booster is also capable of propelling HDMI audio/video signals an additional distance (actual distance may vary). This plug and play installation takes seconds: the HDMI Super Booster sits between the end of your HDMI cable and your display. You simply connect the HDMI Super Booster to the end of your cable on one side and to the display's cable on the other side. You also have the option of connecting another HDMI cable to the Booster, daisy chaining Boosters and cables for greater distances.



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3 .lbs

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3 .lbs