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Stores DVI EDID Information

• Store EDID information for displays
• Easier to use: External buttons control the programming of an EDID and the protection of the memory inside the unit.
• Keeps computer systems from deactivating inactive DVI ports
• No power required after initial programming step
• Custom Resolutions are available for specific devices
• Buttons on the outside for EDID programming and write-protection
• Use with Gefen DVI extenders to obviate the necessity for DDC CAT-5 lines in computer systems
• Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200, 2K, and 3840x2400 (Dual Link)

Brand : Gefen


Condition : New

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The DVI Detective is a unique and useful little device that reads and stores a computer's digital video information (EDID) in order to simplify the installation process for users who are extending a digital projector or plasma display away from the computer.



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1 .lbs