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5 .lbs

Anchor ALD-40 assistive listening

ASSISTIVE LISTENING DELUXE PACKAGE - (ALD-40) Four AL-WB belt pack receivers with in-ear headphones and AL-TX wireless transmitter base station in a light weight carrying case and UHF-6400 Wireless Reciever/Transmitter with handheld microphone

BRAND : Anchor Audio, Inc.

Part No : ALD-40


Your Price: $1,084.00


This multipurpose assistive listening system is designed to help hard of hearing people better understand speech, music and other sounds during a performance, lecture, movie, meeting or worship service. It's ideal for house of worship, theater, cinema, auditorium, classroom or boardroom. You can add a wireless receiver/transmitter for a complete wireless solution. Both types of transmitters come with rack mount kit. The tour guide system provides one-way communication that helps cut through the background noise. The tour guide or interpreter wears a body pack transmitter with head band microphone. Listeners use portable belt pack receivers and lightweight headphones to hear every word clearly and easily. Both systems are available in packages and are ADA Compliant.

16 user selectable UHF channels

Expandable for unlimited

Number of users

One-way communication

ADA compliant

Range up to 200ft line of sight

Storage case available

Assistive listening systems ideal for houses of worship, theaters, cinemas, auditoriums and classrooms

Package includes four AL-WB belt pack receivers with in-ear headphones, one AL-TX wireless transmitter base station, one UHF-7000 wireless receiver/transmitter with wireless handheld mic, rack mount kit and lightweight carrying case


Anchor Audio, Inc.

Part No:



5 .lbs

Ship Weight:

6 .lbs

Regulatory Compliance



2 years

ROHS Compliant


User Selectable UHF Channels